Patented 21 Micro Mill Process

Patented 21 Micro Mill Process

3x more
Flat and Parallel

  • 21 Micro Milling is United States Patent Nos. 10,449,612; 10,603,727; and 11,207,739
  • Available on plates up to 100″ wide x 240″ long
  • 21 Micro Milling tolerances create the flattest and most parallel plates in the industry- helping to shorten our customer’s build times by up to 15%

5x Smoother

  • 21 Micro Milling always tests at 21 or below on the ‘RA Scale’- Opposed to ‘Blanchard Grinding’ that is at least 100 or above. 
  • Analyzing ‘RA Scale’ Surface Finishes, the lower # is smoother and easier to work with. 
  • Steel 21’s Accuracy & Surface Quality makes installing your tooling easier than ever before.
21 Micro Milling is five times smoother than Blanchard Grinding. What is micro milling?

Quality Ensured

Steel 21 checks the quality of our finished plates Every plate, EVERY time using an indicator, guaranteeing we are well within your tolerances.


21 Micro Mill is protected by the USPTO with patent nos. 10,449,612; 10,603,727; and 11,207,739
Patents Issued: October 22, 2019; March 31, 2020; and December 28, 2021


21 Micro Milling eliminates sludge/swarf (a hazardous byproduct of Blanchard Grinding), making the 21 Micro Mill process better for the environment.

NO Coolant is involved in our process, leaving clean turnings (chips) that are easy to reuse.

We recycle 100% of our steel chips, helping to preserve our environment and the steel industry for years to come.

Blanchard Grinding is a process to flatten steel that is still in use after over 120 years. If grinding a large stone on top of steel and applying a toxic coolant sounds like outdated technology – it is. Blanchard Grinding is still filling landfills with toxic waste and offers little to no recyclable material.

Steel 21’s process, 21 Micro Milling, does not use coolant and is 100% recyclable. Since 2015, our patented 21 Micro Milling process not only produces plates 40% faster, 5x smoother, and 3x flatter than Blanchard Grinding, but its byproduct of clean steel chips can be melted down into certified steel plates.

With waste-free 21 Micro Milling, know your steel plate is of the highest quality every step of the way – a better foundation for building tools. The innovation of 21 Micro Milling is something special for both the steel industry and our community.