Innovating the Steel Industry Like Never Before

Steel 21 has been revolutionizing the Steel Industry for years. A look at the interior of the Steel 21 facility while a piece of steel is being cut.

Innovation also implies efficiency, and Steel 21 has been leading the way in the steel industry in both for several years. Not only are we extremely proud of our patented 21 Micro Mill process, but we understand that there is much more to our company than providing steel.

Not every steel company can do what we do, nor can they provide the quality guarantee that we ensure on our finished products. Through our 21 Micro Mill process, our specific tolerances create the flattest and most parallel plates in the entire industry, which can shorten our customers’ build times by up to 15 percent.

Our 21 Micro Mill always tests at 21 or below on the RA Scale, which measures the arithmetic average value of roughness profile determined from deviations above the center line. The result is a surface that is five times smoother than traditional Blanchard Grinding.

Another huge advantage that 21 Micro Milling has over Blanchard Grinding is the 100 percent recyclable steel chips left over after the process. This also eliminates the sludge leftover from Blanchard Grinding, which is a hazardous byproduct of that process. No coolant is involved, leaving clean turnings that are easy to reuse.

With waste-free 21 Micro Milling, know your steel plate is of the highest quality every step of the way — a better foundation for building tools. The innovation of 21 Micro Milling is something special for both the steel industry and our community.

For more information on how Steel 21 can help serve your industry, call us today at (616) 884-2121. You can also send us your design and receive a quote. Once your quote becomes an order, we will provide whatever you require for your stamping die or plastic injection mold.