The Importance and Need for Welding

Welding in a factory

As the economy changes and the needs of the workforce adapt, skilled labor could be put at risk. This could have detrimental effects across the globe, as many industries require skilled labor for their products and infrastructure. One of those important jobs is welding.

Welding is not for everyone, as it is a physically demanding job with its fair share of challenges. However, many of the products you use every single day would not be there if it wasn’t for a skilled welder. The effects that welding has all over the world are so great that without it we would not have any new buildings, vehicles, or even household appliances.

Unfortunately, there are some predictions that the welding industry could be short nearly 400,000 welding professionals in the next two years. One cause for the shortage is the growth in welding applications. Welding is a requirement in industrial construction, building automobiles, and generating power. 

Over one third of welders in the United States are aged 45 or older, and they may retire or leaving the workforce soon. Without younger, newly trained welders, growth in some industries could slow down and the improvement of infrastructure could halt.

However, the industry continues to grow at a modest rate. Many Americans will find that it is quite accessible to get into the field of welding, as requirements include a high school diploma or GED, as well as some training. Welders are also considered essential workers, and that job security is a comfort for many seeking employment.

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